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SiteEdit Free is an easy-to-use website builder full of helpful tools
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SiteEdit Free is a bundled application that allows you to create a website, to publish and support it. You don't need to have any technical knowledge to make a small website with the help of this program.

To start with you can choose from 74 free pre-designed templates if you haven't got your own one. Free downloadable templates include 4 webpages as following: "Home", "About", "Guest Book" and "Contacts". You can add more pages to your project. Also it is easy to modify existing pages, to rename or to replace them.

You are able to fill your website with any content you like including pictures, files, texts and links. SiteEdit provides you with the ability of adding some free modules to your project. Among them: news, FAQ, photo album, RSS news and a mail service.

To get your site published you need to register it, to protect it with your own password and to choose a domain name. Free domain name will look like "".

SiteEdit Free encourages you to make search engine optimization of your website. It can be achieved by setting the webpage options, writing keywords, descriptions and META-tags.

Of course, SiteEdit Free has some limitations in comparison with the commercial version of the program. For example, website storage is just 25Mb, but you can always pay for additional storage. Also there is an ad block that will appear in the corner of each of your webpages.

All in all, SiteEdit Free is an easy-to-use website builder full of helpful tools and aimed for creating small websites.

Olga Ananina
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